Orthopaedic products for dogs

What is Canine Orthopedics?

canine orthopedics is a very specific veterinary specialization and, until recently, relatively expensive to purchase. be elements that must be made to measure. However, in recent years there has been significant progress in techniques and materials and this has allowed a reduction in costs. Some diseases, such as hip dysplasia or certain specific hernias, cause a considerable loss of quality of life in our pets. However, thanks to orthopedics for dogs results unthinkable long ago have been achieved. It is now relatively easy to find dogs using wheelchairs or carts. Animals that previously saw their lives confined to a small space or, in many cases, were destined to be put to sleep

Canine Rehabilitation and Orthopedics

Orthopedics for dogs must be linked to physiotherapy. Whether to achieve an improvement in the animal or to avoid permanent damage, we should not use canine orthopedics without following the guidelines set by our specialists at novecan.

Orthopedic accessories for dogs

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