Orthopaedic splints

Orthopedic splints for dogs

Orthopedic splints are rigid supports to immobilize joints and injuries, which facilitates your pet's rehabilitation and recovery from injuries and operations. At Novecan we have splints for all types of fractures and injuries.

Anterior splint

Indicated for injuries, fissures, traumas, fractures of the branchial plexus and radial nerve of the front leg, carpus and hand of the dog, as well as neurological problems.

Posterior splint

Indicated for neurological, trauma or other problems in the rear leg that require rigid support to immobilize the affected area.

Other Splints

Carpal splint: Its function is to immobilize and keep the carpal area stable. Tarsal splint: It is recommended for hyperflexion of the tarsus. Propioception Corrector: Novecan's solution for dogs that drag their knuckles when walking.