Dog harness

A dog harness helps to secure your pet during walks, facilitating the direction of the animal and preventing it from deviating from the path you choose.

Harness for small and large dogs

The harness is especially suitable for large dogs, but it is equally appropriate if you want to use it on a small dog.

How to put a harness on a dog

To put the harness on your dog, you just have to insert its legs through each of the holes in the harness, leaving the circular part on its neck and the retaining ring on its back. Adjust the harness to your pet's body without making it uncomfortable. Finally you just have to place the leash, hooking it to the harness ring.

Types of dog harness

Norwegian type harness for dogs

This type of harness has astrap around the animal's chestthat connects to a second strap that goes around the trunk. This type of dog harness sits behind the dog's front legs.

H-shaped dog harness

This harness is ideal for larger dogs that tend to have more strength when pulling on the leash. In this harness, the back part contains a strap that is placed around the neck and two handles that surround the chest. Both are joined with a fastening belt.

Y-shaped dog harness

This harness is perfect for dogs that tend to exert a lot of force, as it allows great support and its design allows you to guide the animal more easily.

Anti-pull harness or training harness

It should be noted that the training harness does not prevent the dog from pulling, but rather allows it to be taught not to do so. It is especially recommended for puppies in the learning phase, not for adult dogs, as it could cause damage.

Julius K9 harness for dogs

This type of harness covers more of the dog's body, but has the same fastening system as Y-harnesses.