Second Hand Dog Wheelchairs

Second-hand and used dog wheelchairs

Second-hand dog wheelchairs are an option when you want to save some money and may not be for very long use, either due to the age of the animal or other factors. to reach models with superior qualities but at a reduced price. The best choice will always be the one in which our dog feels able to move, move, even run again. At Novecan you can find an assortment of second-hand dog wheelchairs that we hope will meet the needs required by the animal. Our chairs are guaranteed for proper use, testing the most sensitive points to wear, corrosion or replacement due to maintenance of all parts of used or second-hand dog wheelchairs. If in doubt, contact us. A specialist will attend to your case to advise you in the best possible way.

Choosing the best wheelchair for your dog

Although the offer may be overwhelming due to the number of wheelchair models available on the second-hand market, at Novecan we have a selection prepared for you with all the needs that may arise. The main thing to be able to choose correctly is based on the measurements of our pet, since a wrong measurement, large or small, can make certain movements of the animal impossible and further impair its mobility. Once you are clear about the size for the wheelchair, large, medium, small or special needs, you should look at the wheels and make sure they fit well on the terrain where the animal usually is, recommending larger wheels for those animals that They run through plots and smaller wheels for animals that are on floors.

Wheelchair warranty

The guarantee that our wheelchairs for dogs have is the pass a reliability and maintenance test to be able to have the product without any damage that could lead to the chair breaking. At Novecan we review each and every one of our second-hand wheelchairs for dogs, to take care of our customers and their pets by offering the quality products they deserve

Maintenance of a canine wheelchair

Although our second-hand dog wheelchairs will always arrive at your home checked and ready for use, if you receive them from other places you should check and put some lubricant on the wheel bearings , not so much to prevent it from clogging but from possible sounds or squeaks that the wheels may make when turning. The most sensitive parts of the chassis, let's call them that, are where the metal can be exposed by paint and thus not be protected against corrosion. It is usually at the ends of the tubes and normally with a plastic cap, the rubbing is where the paint could have come off.

Second-hand orthopedics for dogs

At Novecan we offer you all types of canine orthopedic products to improve your pet's quality of life. IF you are looking for second-hand canine orthopedic products, do not hesitate to contact us.