Dog Wheelchairs

Chairs for large and small disabled dogs

At Novecan we offer you the best selection of wheelchairs for dogs. Our wheelchairs are adaptable to different measurements and sizes, which makes them ideal for all types of dogs. If your dog or cat has suffered a problem that reduces its mobility, preventing it from walking and exerting force with its back legs, we have at its disposal wheelchairs for small, medium and large dogs< /strong>. You can find a wheelchair whatever the size of your dog or cat.

Cheap dog wheelchairs

We offer you a wide selection of affordable dog wheelchairs.

Our wheelchairs allow your dog or cat to do the things that make them happy and that they feel limited in: walking, playing, going for walks and interacting with other animals fully. freedom. The limitations of your dog or cat </ strong> will be mitigated by using a wheelchair, since he will be able to move around without depending on anyone. No more having to crawl to get to your water or food bowl. Although we love to take care of our pets, they should be as independent as possible.

Factors to take into account when purchasing

  • Chair size
  • Adjustability
  • Materials used for its manufacture
  • Chair with two or four wheels
  • How long your dog will need the chair, since if it is something temporary, perhaps the ideal is to rent one or buy a second-hand one.

Which canine wheelchair should I buy?

At Novecan we can advise you on which wheelchair is the most comfortable and affordable for your pet. To do this, we need to know the problem your dog or cat has, as well as financial availability.

New dog wheelchairs

In our store specialized in canine orthopedics, you can find new wheelchairs for dogs that are tested under the highest quality standards. They are prepared for continuous use based on the animal's comfort and ergonomics, avoiding causing a more serious problem.

When to buy a new wheelchair

Buying a new wheelchair is recommended when the animal's chances of recovery are slim, since this being the case, your pet will need it for a long period, if not for life. Therefore, it is best to invest in a chair that can serve you for as long as possible. In addition, a new wheelchair offers better guarantees than a second-hand one. If the use of the wheelchair is temporary, you can buy a second-hand wheelchair</a > or even rent it.

Online spare parts

At Novecan, we have parts and spare parts to repair dog wheelchairs. These spare parts allow you to maintain your chair, extending its useful life and keeping it in perfect condition. If you need help changing spare parts, at Novecan we can help you.