New dog wheelchairs

New dog wheelchairs

The wheelchairs for dogs that we offer at Novecan are tested under the highest standards of quality, prepared for continuous and hard use based on the comfort of the animal, its ergonomics, avoiding causing greater harm due to friction for example. To buy a new dog wheelchair, it is completely advisable when the animal's chances of recovery are slim or remote. We will think about the durability of the wheelchair and the guarantee that a new wheelchair offers for our pet. If we like brand new, our pets love it.

Quality of our dog wheelchairs

At Novecan we follow high manufacturing standards for our dog wheelchairs and thus give our customers the confidence of a job well done. We take into account the parts that suffer the most to maximize their hardness. The metal parts that make up the thickness of the chair, the joints between pieces or the scratch-resistant paint that it may suffer, are the aspects that we mainly pay the greatest dedication and care to. The products offered by Novecan from other manufacturers have a guarantee and do not doubt the demands on our part to offer you and all customers the quality products they require for their animals.

Manufacture of wheelchairs for dogs

The manufacturing of our dog wheelchairs begins with the design, thinking about robustness with the lowest weight or necessary parts as well as aesthetics, colors, etc. In our manufacturing workshop, we begin by bending the main metal parts that make up the frame of our wheelchair and thus give it the shape required for assembly. In our assembly department, all the parts that make up the finished wheelchair, axles, are joined together. , wheels and the necessary touch-ups or adjustments to guarantee great long-lasting resistance. Once the dog wheelchair parts have been assembled, they go to our final department where they will place the straps and undergo strict control to ensure the quality of our products and subsequent packaging, preparing everything for shipping wherever it is needed. send.

How to assemble our dog wheelchair

Assembly begins in the design, where the ease of joining the parts is sought as well as the possible replacement of parts for easy maintenance. If you need to change a wheel, belt or other part, it will be easy. When one of our dog wheelchairs arrives at your home or animal rehabilitation center, you will find a guide inside for correct assembly. Don't be scared, it's easy and if you have any problem, you can always count on a Novecan advisor specialized in assembly who will help you with the necessary actions to have the product ready for use. Trust Novecan when purchasing a quality dog wheelchair.

We also have second-hand wheelchairs for dogs</ a>.